Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Trans Europe Run begin?

The Trans Europe begins on 21st June, 2016.

What is the overall distance from Istanbul to Rotterdam?

The overall distance is about 3,000+ kilometres.

How long will Richard run each day?

He will generally run anywhere from 40-70 km, depending on heat, altitude, terrain, blisters and fatigue.

Where will Richard stay each night of his run?

At the end of each day's run, he will travel to a nearby hotel. On each day he will recommence running from exactly where he stopped the previous day.

How does Richard get support during each day's run?

A support driver will drive ahead and transport luggage to the accommodation stop for the day. Richard will also be transported to the accommodation from where he stopped along the route. In some locations, the support driver may stop at intervals during the day's run to provide food and drinks from the car as required.

What will Richard eat and drink each day?

Richard takes no supplements or energy gels whatsoever. He will drink water, sprite, coke, fanta and beer. He will eat what he feels like: crisp (potato chip) sandwiches, ice cream, chocolate, cheese, pizza, eggs, french fries, fish, chicken, bread, and more chocolate.

How many calories will Richard burn each day?

He has no idea and doesn't care.

How many different pairs of running shoes will Richard wear?

Probably two pairs.

What date is the run expected to finish in Rotterdam?

Richard will finish on 29th August on the North Sea coast near Rotterdam.

How do I get progress reports or pictures?

Check out the Facebook page at 

How can I contact Richard?

You can email him at